Your College Hangout. No outsiders.

Share information (also known as gossips :)) within your college. Express your feelings on every issue/gossips/secrets/confessions without revealing your identity

Anonymous Conversations

See a live feed of happenings within your college. Hear what others are saying.

Interest-based Tribes

Your college clubs and communities on the go. Plan events, share news and discuss new activities. Be it your drama club or even your sports team. Stay on top of all the latest happenings.

Peek around you

Sneak peek into other colleges around you that you were always curious about. Get privy to what others are doing!

Relevant People across Colleges

Meet relevant interesting people across colleges. Connect and chat one-on-one.

Get rewarded for having fun

Post the juiciest gossip/secret/confession. Respond/like/share what others are saying. Or just stay active. Earn Coins and redeem them for goodies.