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There is something about you. Something special. What if there were a whole bunch out there, who would totally get you? These interesting folks are somewhere around, you have just not met them in real life yet. This kind that you belong to, is right here on Vee.

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Discover interesting People, engaging Conversations and friendly Tribes around anything and everything that interests you.

People who are Real

Interact with real people and not their exaggerated avatars. Rest assured that creeps and spam won't bother you here. All profiles are crazily verified with humans and machines working together, day and night.

Conversations that open up a world of possibilities

Use Conversations to break the ice, get some advice or simply connect with interesting people. Start a quick conversation or join one anywhere anytime

Tribes that welcome you as you are

Belongingness' is an awesome feeling. Swear your allegiance to existing tribes or start one of your own to meet those who are also interested in things that matter to you.

One-on-one Connections

Have a direct chat with those you find relevant. You can also break the connection anytime. All your chats go away and there is no way the other person can contact you again.